Cheerful Beauteepro are the proud distributor of 4 internationally renowned skin care brands – Swissline, Isabelle Lancray, Dr. Rimpler, and Carole Franck. Each of these brands are unique in its own scientific discoveries, cutting-edge technologies, exclusive formulations, and concentrated ingredients, but they share the same aspiration, that is to create beautiful results that last.


Swissline is a luxury skin care brand from Switzerland. The brand prides itself in an extensive spectrum of ground-breaking age preventive formulas that offers marvellous immediate and lasting proven results. Founded in 1989 by Prince Michaël Massalsky, Swissline is developed and manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards, using high concentration of peptides, polysaccharides, and vitamins in all its formulas. The result-oriented brand has withstood the test of time and its returning believers, and has emerged as the leading anti-aging skin care brand, loved by women across the globe.

Carole Franck is a prominent French skincare brand that blends the best in plant extracts, the latest in innovation, and the most advanced technology to create visible and long-lasting results. Combining highly active and concentrated botanical extracts, mineral, and marine living cells, Carole Franck offers the ultimate nutrition for your skin, restoring equilibrium against environmental, lifestyle, and hormonal changes to give you a healthier skin. Today, Carole Franck is one of the most influential and desired brands across the globe.


Dr. Rimpler is a German brand that is hailed for its break-through formulations, cutting-edge technology, uncompromising standards, and unwavering commitment to deliver visible longstanding results. The brand has effectively harness the power of natural, purified, and biotechnological substances to address individual skin problems professionally. It features targeted solutions, teaching the skin to care for itself day after day. Unlike any of its predecessors, Dr. Rimpler is simple and streamlined, abstract yet familiar.


Isabelle Lancray is an exclusive European skincare brand that’s all about bringing the epitome of luxury to skincare. With more than 68 years of proven track records backed by scientific research and quality testing, Isabelle Lancray ensures that only the safest and most effective ingredients are used in their artisanally crafted formulas to cater to the different skin types of both men and women. Started since 1945 in Paris, Isabelle Lancray’s journey has been triumphant and remarkable. The journey was then extended by Dr. Rimpler GmbH in 1997, and continues to flourish in leading German engineering and science with a French flair.