A Doctor brand with over 250 formulations created, was founded in Germany in 1986. All of the products are produced in-house and backed with scientific studies. Dr. Rimpler is a multi-award winning formulas from anti-ageing, anti-pollution and special careproduct Nanosensitive for barrier-damaged skin. EFFICACY and SAFETY are the two core attributes of the Dr. RIMPLER Cosmetics philosophy, and they are the principles behind all formulations. The use of highly-effective active natural products in combination with technological processing techniques is the result of the latest research and our promise tohealthy, cared for skin. An exact dose yields the best results, so Dr. RIMPLER Cosmetics ensures that an ideal balance between efficacy and skin compatibility is achieved. Plant-based active ingredients, conservation of natural resources, and environmentally-friendly production are moral obligations for Dr. RIMPLER Cosmetics.



Cleansing Cream

The Dr. RIMPLER CUTANOVA Cleansing Cream containing chamomile is ideally suited for daily use.

Cleanser Sensitive

This rich and gentle Dr.RIMPLER CUTANOVA Cleanser Sensitive is the perfect cleansing for demanding and stressed skin.

Tonic Sensitive

Dr. RIMPLER CUTANOVA Tonic Sensitive has a soothing effect and completes the cleansing for demanding and sensitive skin.

Cream Eye Contour

Dr. RIMPLER CUTANOVA Cream Eye Contour with patented NLCs is a balm for every tired, demanding eye area.

Cream Hydrovital

The Dr. RIMPLER CUTANOVA Cream Hydrovital (O/W) is a revitalizing care for the dry and sensitive skin.

Cream Photo Symbiotic

With the Dr. RIMPLER Cutanova Cream Photo Symbiotic (oil-in-water-texture) we developed an anti-age and repair cream.

Synergy Cleansing Gel

Dr. RIMPLER XCELENT Synergy is a cleansing oil with a formula consistency like a gel.

Cream Timeless Age Q10

fully develop its energizing and antioxidant effects and does counteract specifically premature aging.

Skin Energizer Q10

Wrinkle smoothing, balancing, activating metabolism (energy booster), antioxidant, restructuring and protective.


Plant-derived active agent concentrate based on proteins without fats that smoothes out fine line.

N ˚7 Decolleté Firming Concentrate

Special serum for the contours of neck, décolleté and busts. For neck and chin area. Ideal for skin that lacks tone.

N ˚341 Repair Matrix

The INTENSIVE Med N° 341 is the perfect addition to a high-quality cosmetic treatment.


Eye Perfection Q10

Protect, hydration, fiming, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, conceals, reduces under eye bags and dark circles.



The Dr. RIMPLER BODY Deo Cream protects against perspiration and body odor.


Tonic is formulated with the special substances which provide the moisturizing and soothing effect on the early stage of facial care.


Dr. RIMPLER BASIC HYDRO Cleanser is specifically designed with the gentle formulation to provide the excellence cleansing experience for the user.

Day Cream

The Dr. RIMPLER BASIC HYDRO Day Cream consists of a light texture and quickly penetrates into the skin without leaving an oily shine.

Fresh Peel

An intensive mechanical gel peeling with a fresh oceanic fragrance for the peeling of the horny layer on the epidermis.

Night Cream

The nourishing Dr. RIMPLER BASIC HYDRO Night Cream is rich in activating and oil-restoring ingredients

Triple Aqua Booster

Dr. RIMPLER BASIC Triple Aqua Booster – a new dimension of deep moisturizing care with a long lasting effect!

Vital Flash

A light, moisturizing gel cream which preserves the skin elasticity and protects against free radicals.

Eye Contour Gel

The Dr. RIMPLER BASIC HYDRO Eye Contour Gel is optimally suitable for the sensitive eye area.


The INTENSIVE Serum N°2 helps to conserve moisture in the epidermis and leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth.

Mask Vita Balance

An intelligent active agent concept based on local natural raw materials. For stressed and sensitive skin.

Mask Pure Vital

The Dr. RIMPLER SPECIAL Mask Pure Vital is a very effective mask for the care and revitalisation of demanding, mature skin.

Mask Peel AHA

a vitalizing mask at a pH 3.5, is suitable for almost all skin types, excluding sensitive and redness-prone skin.

Mask Lipid Balance

Mask Lipid Balance is a solidifying mask for all skin conditions with a tendency to seborrhoea.

Mask Teint Perfect

A special complex from yeast helps to improve the sebaceous gland function and clarify the skin.

Mask Aloe Hydro Active

The Dr. RIMPLER SPECIAL Mask Aloe Hydro Active is a soft cream pack for the care of dehydrated and dry skin.

Mask Anti-Redness

This Dr. RIMPLER – product “Mask Anti-Redness” was especially developed for the high sensitive and stressed skin with redness areas.


The BASIC CLEAR Tonic stabilizes the protective acid protective layer, removed the remaining of Purity Gel

Purity Gel

Purifying and cleansing, keratolytic, anti-inflammatory, partially selective antibacterial, oil-free.

Protective Cream

Anti-inflammatory, calming, moisture-regulating, nurturing and protects against free radicals.

Balance Gel

Combination of a complex formula in active ingredients is intensively anti-inflammatory and the biocidal agents


The BASIC CLEAR Antisept is optimally suited for the local application for inflammations.

Clear Up Foam

Dr. RIMPLER BASIC CLEAR Clear up form is designed for inflammation-prone oily problem skin.


N ˚391 Clarifying Matrix

The INTENSIVE Med N° 391 is special for sebum-regulating effect through inhibition of 5α -reductase, as proven in clinical studies.

Herbal Day Care

Naturalness and highly innovative active agents are combined with indigenous plant extracts.

Herbal Night Care

Night care enriched with plant extracts from the background of traditional Native Americans provides optimal regeneration.


Herbal Time Serum

The perfect match in combination with the use of the serum and the CUTANOVA ORGANICS products.


N˚ 5 Hypo-Sensitive Concentrate

Special product for stressed and very sensitive skin. For delicate and sensitive skin. Soothing and moisturizing.


N˚ 6 Anti Redness Concentrate

Special concentrate against reddened skin and weak vessels. Soothing and acting against redness.

gentle cleansing gel


Dr. RIMPLER SENSITIVE Gentle Cleansing Gel is the especially mild and oil free cleansing for sensitive skin.

sensitive tonic


Our SENSITIVE Tonic has been especially developed for sensitive and allergic skin. For dry and sensitive skin.

hydro gel


Our soft SENSITIVE Hydro Gel with liposomes helps sensitive and stressed skin to help itself.



Our SENSITIVE Rescue Lotion is an intensely soothing spray lotion with panthenol and antimicrobial microsilver.

cream nonsensitive forte


For inflamed and acute skin conditions, it is important to treat not only the itching and burning but also their effects on the skin.

nonsensitive emulsion


Fragrance and preservative-free face and body care system for especially sensitive and allergy-prone skin.


One of a kind novelty with high innovative sun protection to the max without a higher allergy! Sunbathing without regrets!

Face Cream SPF 30

This high quality sun care cream provides protection, care and regeneration, specifically for the face and neck.

Sun stick SPF 30

Sun stick care for local intensive protection. NOW with new formula and enriched with valuable avocado oil, for all sensible areas!

High Protection SPF 30

Dr. Rimpler SUN High Protection SPF-high, the oil-free sun protection lotion from Dr.RIMPLER COSMETIC is both, waterproof and sweat resistant.




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